Dyeing for You

Dyeing for You

Whether you represent a famous brand or a new upstart, we are here to dye for you. Our engagement is with the sustainable, slow fashion movement. With each product hand dyed, each piece is unique. There may be some smell associated with natural dyes, but we believe that this, too, is part of the hallmark of ‘truly eco‐friendly’. To express your needs and designs, get in touch. To simply buy a piece for you or a friend, visit La Boutique d’Auroville at the Visitor’s Centre, or our shop in Kuilapalayam, if in Auroville, or Casablanca if in Pondicherry (all Googlemaps links below). Also, we now have a Catalogue you can download and, the artisan way, get in touch with a human here in order to buy. Free shipping across India.

19-img_0541Unique Features of Naturally Dyed
No need to dry clean or hand wash separately. Rather, machine wash at 30°C using pH‐neutral (6.5‐7.5) soft water and a mild, pH‐neutral (pH 6.5‐7.5) non bleach liquid detergent / UV‐light absorbent (gives UV‐protection, reducing scorching effect of direct sunlight; so ideal for sports and outdoor wear) / No toxics will be absorbed by your skin / Antimicrobial activity of natural dyes on fabric has been observed. Some claim naturally dyed fabrics retard bacteria from growing on perspiration and help limit body odour. We believe that there are still many much further researches to undertake in the area, but do find here a document with some information on links between some of the plants we use to dye and Ayurveda.
Natural indigo may produce some odour before the first wash / Direct sunlight can negatively affect colour fastness, so dry in shade / Washing in water containing iron can sadden shade / Keep away from contact with bare iron metal / Soaking in or washing with alkaline hard water, soap, cheap bar detergent or strong powder detergent may result in a change of shade / Acidic spillages will cause discolouration / Soaking in bleaching solutions or washing with detergents containing bleach may lighten the shade / Prolonged exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water can bleach colour / Long term exposure to atmosphere with oxidising gases such as ozone and nitrogen oxides may fade colour.
Where to Buy?

1. La Boutique d’Auroville, Auroville Visitor’s Center

2. The Colours of Nature Shop, Kuilapalayam

3. Casablanca, Pondicherry

Download our catalogue & get in touch, free shipping pan-India