From Seed to Seam

From Seed to Seam

Not only can we dye and deliver fibre, yarn, thread or fabric, but we can manage the entire value chain for you. We can deliver fabrics (knits or woven) or entire garments. We can add embroidery or other to meet your needs. Long having produced garments and interior products such as t‐shirts, shirts, tops, kimonos, denim or corduroy fabric, jeans or scarves, bags, and so on, whatever your brand, we can give you the edge. Check out the relevant catalogues and send us an e‐mail. We’ll take it from there, talking palette, shipping options and everything else.

Order Procedure

Check our Catalogues (also giving detailed information on Order procedure): Knits, Fibre and Scarves. Send an Enquiry to
To minimize fading caused by air pollutants, especially along folded edges, we store our products in bio‐degradable plastic bags with the air pressed out and the mouth folded over. Bags are kept in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Further information on the biodegradable plastic packaging in pdf, click here: SAC Biodegradable Technology Presentation in Brief.

Each piece of material or garment is dyed by hand, one by one, each unique. Some say that colour possibilities are limited with natural dyes, but many prefer the richness and depth that synthetics just can’t match, even preferring the slight variations caused partly by the artisanal production methods, feeling this adds beauty and interest. Many of our dyers have been with us for 20 years or more and generally achieve great results also where uniformity is required. But does the colour stay? We are proud to say that with persistent research and development we have achieved fastness equal to that of synthetic dyes (level 4‐5 for wash and light fastness for all hues, including Turkey red, which is notoriously difficult.

For the full Cotton Fastness table for The Colours of Nature, click here.

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