The Stitching & Dyeing Life Goes on

The Stitching & Dyeing Life Goes on

18 May 2020: As already stated, at The Colours of Nature we believe that the mask is important and in particular at people’s work places.

With the Nest COVID-19 grant work completed and with more of our staff coming back to work, we have plenty of our regular work pending and needing to be caught up on, and specific challenges that we face on a daily basis.

We do hope that we’re all inching closer to easier times, but there are confirmed COVID-19 cases very close to us and we are much devoted to following the safety guidelines.

All who work at The Colours of Nature wear masks and regularly wash their hands. In addition, we have spread people out, sometimes by separating out specific tailoring sub-units. One person has been assigned to rotate, full-time, to check that mask-wearing, hand-washing and distancing are practiced at all times.

We disinfect the premises twice per day. Unfortunately, we feel that we have no choice but to use non-natural disinfectants. It goes completely against our nature, but so does this virus, in our view. And again, with people’s health at stake, this is not a time to be dogmatic.

Many people and companies are facing a mask-shortage and for this reason we are open to receiving additional mask orders (Send a mail to

Most of our clients face much uncertainty with regards their markets during the months to come. It is very difficult to predict the demand, and this might impact us. And so ensuring production of any kind makes sense.

But even if we have to fast track the training of additional tailors to meet the demand for masks we will do so. It is very important for us to do our part when it comes to beating the spread of the coronavirus.

We do hope that we can soon start to send ready dyed fabrics and garments to our customers again soon and wish that you all stay healthy during these trying times.