In 1993, The Colours of Nature (TCoN) started as an R&D unit as part of the International Township of Auroville. In three years it developed itself steadily as a natural dyeing company, producers of earth friendly textiles for garments & interior. TCoN belongs to the very few natural dyeing units in the world who are entirely focused on environmental friendly vegetable dyeing processes, with an ongoing research. After years of trial and error into the tradition of natural dyeing throughout India, TCoN has attained the required standards of natural dyeing and is specialized in Natural Indigo Fermentation. We can now produce a whole palette of colours from Indigo to Black, Yellow to Green, Pink to Red, Brown or Purple, and its combinations of hues. Over the years, TCoN has ventured into other terrains gaining renowned expertise in weaving, batik and shibori.

Our experience craftmen and women are experts in Natural Dyes, Shibori and Batik techniques, as well as other handcrafts. Come in and enjoy each possibility natural dyes has to offer you.

We can dye fiber, yarn, fabric and finished garments under a whole palette of colours, from Natural fermented Indigo to Turkish Red.
Naturally yarn dyed fabrics in wovens and knitt. Fabrics for shirtting, denim, or a regular tshirt.
Batik, Shibori and Embroidery are ancients techniques used to embellish fabrics and garments.

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Auroshilpam, Auroville, 605101 Tamil Nadu, India
E-mail: colnature@auroville.org.in Phone: +91 (0-413) 262 2587

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